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We are a Leading and Rapidly growing Mobile Marketing Solutions Firm with a Far-Reaching Vision of becoming the Name to Trust globally when You Need to your Mobile Marketing solutions executed Flawlessly.

Here We offer the cheapest prices for the best quality of service with our Lightening Fast SMS Gateway which saves you from the Trouble of delayed and undelivered Messages.

Our WebSite is the most reliable way to send bulk messages to numerous GSM and CDMA cell phones both locally and globally in Nigeria at the same rate. Our reach is not limited to Nigeria alone, we can also reach any part of the world. To benefit from our services, click register and register for FREE and also get free SMS to test our System with.


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Welcome to our Home Page.

You are probably here because someone referred you or perhaps you are in search of solutions to mobile communication challenges. In any case, you are at the right place. We encourage you to explore our entire website and avail yourself the uniqueness of our services which are all packaged for your convenience.

Our vision is to become the name to trust globally when you need your Mobile Marketing solutions executed with precision. To achieve this, we have aligned with technical experts in the various fields of mobile communication industry both within Nigeria and other parts of the world.

Our mission is to make access to mobile communication easy. We believe that when you have quality access to communication, information is achieved. Meaningful changes and transformation can only occur through effective information dissemination.

We are the best bulk SMS Provider in Nigeria and our mobile communication services cover the GSM and CDMA network providers currently operating in Nigeria and other parts of the globe. In rolling out our packages, two main parameters are in focus – time and cost. This is because everybody wants to be heard at the right time and at the right cost.




Ren Tech is a web application offering full mobile marketing services to Nigeria and the world.

Ren Tech which was set up in December 2011 is owned by RICO ENORO NIGERIA, a Port Harcourt base3d firm offering various services to the various sectors of the economy.



Ren Tech offers a premium and world class SMS delivery system which over the past years has been trusted by individuals, SME’s, Banks, Churches and other  religious organizations, Educational Institutions, Political Organizations and NGO’s to get their marketing and informational messages to the phones of millions of Nigerians over and over again in a timely and reliable manner.

We also provide a reseller system and reseller AP to those who are interested in routing their messages through our reliable and fast system.



Unlike here today,and gone tomorrow SMS operators who only use price (with a huge drop in quality) as their only differentiator, Ren Tech from inception has chosen to make quality an d customer satisfaction our watchword, and as a result, we choose only the BEST quality aggregators to partner with, ensure our pricing is simple, transparent and clear to prospective clients and also we are the only SMS gateway in Nigeria that guarantees SMS delivery to all clients. Our system connects to 800+ operators in 190+ countries.



Our solutions are fully developed in house, with a state of the act Mobile Services Ecosystem that lets customers reach users in over 190 countries worldwide.

Our system is designed to process high data volumes and performs flawlessly during high traffic periods.

Our Aggregator is ISO 9001& ISO 27001 certified. We operate through globally distributed data centers with multiple connectivity.



As a business which survives and has grown on the promise of offering quality and consistent services to customers, we offer support via multiple channels

  • Email – 24/7 support
  • Phone – 8am to 5pm, Mondays to Fridays
  • Sms – 24/7
  • Chat – Same as phone
  • Instant messaging (BBM, Whatsapp etc) – 24/7